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Funding Agency

German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) through Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)




Integrate renewable energy sources to the Jenin wastewater treatment plant by shifting from fossil fuel based to solar energy, reducing the CO2 emissions and reducing the cost of TWW to farmers in the Marj ibn Amer Water User Association (WUA).

The project aims to provides solar panels to Jenin wastewater treatment plant and support the farmers of (WUA) to rehabilitate their irrigated farms using treated wastewater/Jenin WTTP for the benefit of Jenin Municipality and WUA.

Project Partners





Project Outputs:

  • PV system with a capacity of 65.4 kWp has been installed and operated. The system will produce over 107 000 kWp which has a value of over 55 000 ILS/ year.
  • Filtration and Pumping system have been maintained and operated well
  • Valves at the valve chambers of main irrigation network have been replaced with new ones (9 valves) and the PRVs have been cleaned, fixed and calibrated.
  • Seedlings of fruit trees have been supplied to the farmers based on their needs such as pears, guava and figs
  • Training sessions on operation and maintenance the solar plant was conducted targeting the operators of the of the Solar plant.
  • Training Sessions on operation and maintenance of TWW irrigation system was conducted targeting the farmers, WUA.
  • Agreement between Jenin Municipality and WUA to regulate their roles in operating the PV system was accomplished to be signed by the two parties.
  • Institutional capacities of WUA association were increased with support of institutional expert. This intuitional support enhanced the performance WUA to play its role in supporting the farmers and the sustainability of reuse scheme.


Areas of work

HWE works closely with Newcastle University (UK) and many other international institutions and funding agencies such as UNESCO, ESCWA, CEDARE, UNU, USAID, DFID, AFD, GTZ, GWP, EUWI, JICA, ACSAD, BGR, EU, etc.

Main Goals

HWE offers a wide variety of services in water, sanitation and environmental engineering and science from the needs identification stage to the elaboration of tender documents, supervision of works and technical assistance.